Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wissifluh; a perfect Sunday getaway

I have been living in Lucerne, the main city in the heart of Switzerland, for over a year now and I cannot stop being amazed by the natural beauty that surrounds it! Your eyes will be constantly spoilt by an incredibly idyllic nature of mountains in their varied shapes and sizes, historical villages around the lake marked by the heroic legend of Wilhelm Tell , lavish hilly fields dotted with imposing wooden farm houses and the snow-capped Alps visible in the distance. The irregularly shaped Lake Lucerne (or its real name Lake of The Four Cantons, in German Vierwaldst├Ąttersee) unifies this idyll in a unique and compacted geographical area belonging to the Cantons of Lucerne, Schwyz, Uri and Unterwald (today split into the Canton of Nidwalden and Obwalden).

Apart of the world's most known mountains such as Rigi Kulm, Pilatus, Stanserhorn and Engelberg, the area offers an infinite number of unique hidden spots to be discovered. One of my favourite ones is Wissifluh which offers a thrilling cable-car journey to the top of the mountain and a mind-blowing view over Lake Lucerne. 

View over Lake Lucerne from Wissifluh