Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where to spend NEW YEAR?

New Year is a big event of the year and for who likes to have the real mad experience or just spend a special night somewhere in the world, here you go some tips of cities or places where you could experience your up-coming S. Silvester:

- PRAGUE - Czech Republic: Amazing fireworks battles between the Vietnamese and the Chinese using home made bombs.

- VAL D'ISERE - France: Mad snowball fight at midnight. People come out of their houses and bars and have a huge snowball battle for about one hour where the whole village get involved. Then everybody go into the clubs to dance the rest of the night away.

- SHANGHAI - China: Heaps and heaps of people on the main shopping road, the Nanjing East and West Road. A few fireworks on the Huangpu River but nothing more. For a good New Year party you should go to China during the Chinese New Year around the end of January.

- EDINBURGH - Scotland: I will spend my S. Silvester in Edinburgh and there will be concerts and performances on the street from the 29th until the 2nd of January... it's going to be GOOD FUN, I can feel that :o) !!

Ok, guys! If you have any suggestions for where to spend New Year anywhere in the world... we are all waiting for your ideas. Thanks and good luck in planing your New Year trip / party!

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  1. Naby, you're a genius! I'm just now thinking what I should do on New Year's Eve... I always get this feeling that I HAVE to do something great, special.. Can I come to you? ;-)
    I was googeling a bit, and I think, that for people that are in Australia, Sydney and Melbourne have really to be spectacular in their fireworks!
    Who is in Brazil, could go to the beach of Copacabana, which is considered by many, the location of the best fireworks shown in the world.
    A bit nearer to us: Paris, London, Madrid, Barcellona..
    But at the end, I think, it doesn't matter where we are, as long as we are in good company! :-)