Thursday, August 12, 2010

CHACAHUAAA... The Paradise on Earth!

Chacahua has been the HIT of my journey to Mexico and the most chilled-out, relaxing and free place I have experienced so far! It is located on the West coast in the Oaxaca State (Northern from Puerto Escondido). It is a small "island"-village placed between the Pacific ocean and a lagoon of mangroves and crocodiles.

From Puerto Escondido it is a bit of a treck: 1h30 by bus, then 15mins by minivan, then 15 mins by boat, then 20 mins by truck/pick up to arrive at the paradisiacal destination of wooden and straw cabanas, sandy floors everywhere, no hotels or high-end services... here dominates the silence of the nature and the relaxation of mankind! Again, it is an amazing place if you are not looking for comfort but ease, not expecting high standards but basic services... all you have is freedom from what modern society has created: stress, progress and success!
Chacahua is the place to escape the system in which we are stuck daily. To experience a real life-style of a surfer, to chill-out in hammocks hanging under straw roofs over-looking the ocean. To enjoy freshly cooked tasty fish in an authentic Mexican style. It is suggested a minimum of a 4 day-stay... if you have more time of course longer! Once you arrive just ask around for a cabana and almost every family offers a few places to sleep. The prices in general are fixed and are almost the same everywhere.

If you are willing to learn surfing ask for Tim & Dalila. They are very nice people and have great capabilities to teach you. Their son is Sebastian who is 9 years old and is one of the best youngest surfer on earth... looking at him surfing is an amazing show you can offer your self early in the morning when weather permits it!
Curiosity: the majority of the local people are black whose ancestors settled down about 200 years ago when their slave ship coming from Africa sunk off the coast.

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