Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's talk about FOOD!

Have you ever tried the real Chinese food?? Not the food that you get in the European Chinese restaurants! But the real one that you find on the main streets of the Chinese villages in the province or in the backstreets of the main cities like Shanghai, Beijing or Hangzhou? Uh my Goodness... that's the real deal guys!!! If you will ever have the chance to travel through China remember to try the steamed soft rolls filled with either meat (you wouldn't bother what kind :o)!), mushrooms with leek or smashed red beans. They are called bun (or bao in Chinese) and are great for breakfast with a nice warm cup of soya milk :oP !

As an alternative to these little snacks there are also the well-known dumplings (in Mandarin dim sum which means "a little bit from the heart") which can be prepared in different cooking styles like fried, boiled or steamed.
The best one are the Shanghai steamed soup ones, xiao long bao!! Check out how they are made:


  1. Looks delicious, but I was really looking for 'cat burger' or Dim-Sum-Kitty-Yum!

  2. Ah, dim sum is actually Cantonese, hehe... "Dian xin" is mandarin. Can't see for sure, but the second picture is likely Cantonese food, hehe. ;o)
    Anyhow, the stuff on buns - you sure know what you're talking about!! :)

  3. Ok, tomorrow, for the first time, I'll eat chinese food prepared by a chinese guy... I hope he will make some nice stuff as the things described by you!!! They look delicious!!!