Friday, October 30, 2009

My 5 Easy Eco Travel Tips!

It doesn't take much to become a simple and conscious Ecotraveller. You will find here below 5 easy tips to follow for your next trip and if you have any questions or any other suggestions please express your self by adding a comment.

1. Where and with whom am I going traveling and where will my money "land"? Before planning a trip to a foreign country inform your self about the place, the culture, if there are any problems caused by tourism and how is its impact at the destination. When booking through an intermediary ask if services are offered from sustainable tourism corporation which practice ethical and ecological principles.

2. Once you are in the travel destination; where and from whom do I purchase? If you want to buy a little souvenir, have a good look around and remember to buy from local businesses which can gain a greater benefit rather than retailer company chain.

3. Where and what should I eat? When looking for a place to eat search for the most traditional but still authentically looking restaurants which are run from local people who offer real local specialties in their own custom for a reasonable price and in this way you will enjoy and experience a unique travel momentum.

4. Observe the culture and pay attention not to break any cultural rules. Have respect of local believes and customs by informing your self through a travel guide or by watching attentively the natives. Be flexible and try to adapt to the local habits and behavior.

5. Last but not least: respect the environment! To combat the problem of the pollution caused from the increased air travel improve the efficiency of modern air transport but, if possible, find other transport alternatives. Through specialist company you can offset your carbon consumption on


Click HERE for a general Ecological Living Guide!

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