Friday, October 16, 2009

Where can I SWING?

I have just swung a few months ago in my hometown, Lugano (on the way to Castagnola there is a corner of rocks on the right hand side just after the "ponte del diavolo"- the bridge of the devil). It was really EXCITING! Once I was in the water I just wanted to do it again!! Check out the video and you definitely must try it!... and please forgive the language.


  1. Wow, that looks like great fun! Next time when I am in Switzerland, I definitely will try this. In my home town (Minden, Germany) there is a lake where you can do the same. But you swing from a big tree, great fun!!!

  2. it is a very nice ,great...

  3. ohhhhhhh, finalmente la mia stupida frase esce su sto blog, che complicazioni, ho impiegato quasi 30 sacri minuti per capire cosa dovevo fare e come spedirtelo.
    Comunque é un bel lavoro, ma , a cosa serviranno tutti sti blog?
    Un caldo abbraccio da pinky mutti

  4. Hi, Nabi!!! How nice to see you on blog!!!

    I'm also a BIG FAN of worldwide travelling while focusing on its sustainability!!! Your blog is soooo amazing and attractive! I love it! I love that challenging swing as well as those pictures you took from China!!! Here I have some more pictures of different landscape and culture in China, just tell me if you want them either for viewing or for posting!

    And, how are you? How's everything going in Edinburgh? Did you have fun and enjoy?

    I'm really glad to find you in blog, miss the time we were together:-)


  5. Haha, Naby, the video is great! I didn't know that there is this place in Castagnola.. Next summer I'll try too! Even if, I admit, it looks a bit scary... ;-)

  6. Hey Ste', I know it was scary but once you have done, you just want to do it again because it gives you so much adrenalin!!